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As of October 20, 2022 - ALL Covid protocols have been dropped for entering Ecuador and Galapagos. 

We represent numerous yachts and ships so we can quickly locate a number of tours during your travel window in a range of  prices, trip lengths, and qualities.​

If you answer a few simple questions for us and we will quickly find the tour that best matches what you are looking for

We will custom build a tour for you that will exactly match your needs and travel dates.   These tours usually are substantially less expensive than pre-packaged tours. Why would you travel on someone else's schedule and pay more when you can travel on your schedule and pay less?

Click here to compare our prices to the prices of a big name pre-packaged tour company.

BEFORE you book any Galapagos tour with ANYONE you should ask them these 2 simple questions to make sure they will find the tour that is right for you.

Click here for a full explanation.

Galapagos Adventures gives back to the environment and the community by donating money every year to other organizations which need our help. 

For a list of organizations we have helped - click here.

Another money saving idea;

Can you travel within the next 60 days?   We can help you find a tour often times at a last minute discount.


Here are some of the reasons why you should book your Galapagos trip though Galapagos Adventures:

1.  Our services are FREE to you.  It does not cost you any more to book your trip with Galapagos Adventures and you will receive the numerous advantages we offer.  In fact, often you will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars if you book with us.  We can build a Galapagos tour that is identical to many of the large pre-packaged tours that costs much less without sacrificing quality.

2.  Galapagos Adventures is always aware of various specials that are being run by the suppliers to further assist you in potentially saving even more money on your tour.

3.  Galapagos Adventures organizes “turnkey” tours. Every part of your tour should run a like a clock from the time you step off the plane in Ecuador to the time you board the flight on your way home. But in the event you encounter any problems, we have representatives in Ecuador who will be there to assist you.

4.  Galapagos Adventures is one of the largest tour operators to Galapagos with 28 years of experience. When you book directly with a supplier, you represent a single client - yourself. When you book with Galapagos Adventures, you represent one of hundreds of clients, both past and future. Therefore you are virtually guaranteed to receive the best service possible.

5.  Galapagos Adventures represents numerous yachts, cruise ships, and hotels in Galapagos so we can offer you a much larger variety of products and services in a wide range of prices. 

6.  Galapagos Adventures is familiar with all of the products that we market. We have personally seen all of the hotels, yacht, etc. that we represent. We know the reputation of all of our suppliers and we keep a close eye on their business practices. If we receive too many complaints from our clients about any particular supplier, we discontinue our business relationship with them.

7.  Galapagos Adventures earns a commission regardless of which yacht or ship you select. Therefore Galapagos Adventures will direct you to the tour which will best fit YOUR wants and needs.

8.  Galapagos is a very dynamic place and things are in a constant state of change. The Galapagos National Park continually modifies their rules and regulations. New yachts enter the market and other yachts leave. Some yachts have great reputations for running quality trips, others don't. Galapagos Adventures stays on top of all of these things so you don’t have to!!!!

9.  We offer Galapagos tours at all times of the year.

10.  We offer naturalist tours (non-diving) and diving trips, group trips and individual trips.

11.  We travel to Galapagos frequently so we are very familiar with all aspects of Galapagos Travel.

12.  We can custom build any type of trip for you including a Honeymoon or an Anniversary that you will never forget.

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