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Ready to book your Galapagos trip ?

Remember that arranging a trip to Galapagos that exactly matches your needs is always less expensive than buying a pre-packaged tour from one of the nationally advertised tour companies (see Comparing Prices). So why would you want to travel on someone else's schedule and pay more when you can travel on your schedule and pay less?


With the help of Galapagos Adventures, it is easy to do but there are literally hundreds of options available to you in a very wide range of prices, trip lengths, and available dates.  In order to find the trip that will best suit your needs, we will need to discuss your individual requirements with you.  We need to know such things as your travel window, your budget, as well as a number of other items.


Please keep in mind:

The longer the trip, the more money it will cost. A tour that includes 6, 7, or 8 nights in Galapagos is the average length of time most people spend.

You most likely will need to add several nights in mainland Ecuador due to international flight connections (for further details - see "Trip Logistics"),

The cost per day for the actually cruise should be between $400 and $800 dollars per person (see - "Prices") plus there are incidental expenses associated with any trip to Galapagos of approximately $1000 per person (see "Incidental Expenses").   These estimates do not include the cost for your international flights to Ecuador.

Some yachts/ships offer discounts for children.

The larger your travel window, the more options will be available for you to select from BUT if you make your travel window too large, the amount of available tours that will come back will be overwhelming to everyone.


Once you are ready to explore your options, please either email us or call us at 1 561 393 - 4752 (in Florida).  If you do not have nationwide calling on your phone, email us and we will send you a toll free number.  Once we know what it is that you are looking for, we will check to see what is available for you and pass that information on to you.  You can then research the various offers based on price, itinerary, and quality of tour. You can compare the various yacht/ships using this website and we are also available to give you our opinions if requested.  Once you have selected the actual cruise in Galapagos, we will know the exact dates and can work with you to put together the rest of the tour.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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