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Galapagos Adventures was founded in 1991 by biologist Ken Weemhoff. His love for Galapagos dated back to his undergraduate days when Galapagos was used as a frequent example to many biological and geological concepts. As a result, on his very first trip to the islands, he had extremely high expectations. The beauty of these islands far surpassed even his expectations and he just could not wait to return. He began organizing tours for his family and friends and Galapagos Adventures was born.


As an avid scuba diver, he was excited to explore the UW world of Galapagos. Surprisingly there were very few people diving in Galapagos at the time. In fact the dive magazines did not even list Galapagos as a diving destination. “When I first started running dive trips to Galapagos, there were no yachts set up to handle divers. I use to have to charter a naturalist yacht and tie the tanks to the railings. It was a lot of work to dive Galapagos in those days but we were rewarded by being able to swim through a school of hammerheads or with a whale shark.” Of course today Galapagos is rated as one of the best places in the world to dive and is on most diver’s list of places they want to dive.


Since his first trip to Galapagos, Ken has been there 42 times - most recently in June of 2022. A frequent question he is asked is “aren’t you tired of Galapagos yet ?” to which he answers “If you ask me if I am tired of Galapagos then I know you have never been. Once you go, you’ll know why I go as often as I can”. Ken is still very active in the Galapagos travel industry and he and his staff are looking forward to helping you experience Galapagos for yourself !  You can email him directly at

Ken Weemhoff
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