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Galapagos National Park Rules:

All itineraries must be pre-approved by the National Park

All vessels may do a maximum of 2 land visits per day - one in the AM and one in the PM.

Only vessels which have the proper permits are allowed to sail the waters of Galapagos.

Visitors are only allowed in the park under the supervision of a Galapagos National Park guide.

Guides are allowed to have a maximum of 16 passengers with them at on time.

Visitors must remain on the marked trail and with a guide at all times when visiting the islands.

Visitors are not allowed to touch the animals.

Visitors must not disturb, harass, feed, or interfere with the natural behavior of the animals.

Visitors are not allowed to collect or remove anything from the islands.

Food is not permitted on the islands.

Visitors are not allowed to smoke while on the islands.

The park closes at sunset.

Everyone must be off the islands by nightfall.

Do not litter.

PLEASE Clean your shoes' soles before disembarking in the islands. You may have carried some seeds endemic to one island and would not want to introduce them to another.

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